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Ancestry Quick Tip
How to stay organized as you begin your on-line search for ancestors

Social Security Death Index
The most powerful and up to date Social Security Death Index on the Internet! The database contains information provided by the Social Security Administration through the end of May 2001 and contains 66,124,141 names.

Free Family Tree Software--Click Here!
Ancestry Family Tree combines the best family tree software with the power of Ancestry.com so you can: -- Add whole "branches" to your family tree at once, not just one name at a time -- Organize all your information in one convenient place -- Attach files, documents, even photos to your tree -- Share your tree via the Internet and even collaborate online

Civil War Links
Articles, publications, links and other resources related to Civil War genealogy.

Problem Solving for Genealogists
Research goes a little more smoothly if there is some level of organization to the research process and to the actual materials that are located while researching

Understanding the Ancestral File and Other Lineage
Lineage-linked databases have positive and negative aspects that every computer genealogist should understand.

Getting Started
Learn the basics of family history research, how to make sense of and organize the data you collect, and about the impact the computer has had on research and how you can take advantage of it.

Irish Records Extraction Database
100,000 name database of Irish vital records

An Ellis Island Experience
The famous immigration port.

Family History Made Easy
The basics of family history research.

WWI Burial Case Files & WWI Document Archive
World War I Document Archive.

Tips for Finding your Immigrant Ancestors
How to get started on the trail of immigrant ancestors.

Record Sources
Browse the Library

They Came in Ships (Clearance)
They Came in Ships (Clearance)



Search over 1 billion names in thousands of databases.

RootsWeb Message Board
The oldest, largest free genealogy site.

Census Records
Images Online U.S. Federal Census Images, 1890 Census Substitute and AIS Census Indexes

Ancestry Message Board
Over 130,000 message boards. Surnames, Geography, and Research Topics
Military Records: CIVIL WAR MUSTER ROLLS CD (Windows)
Military Records: CIVIL WAR MUSTER ROLLS CD (Windows)

Fully searchable Civil War Muster Rolls CDwith 5.3 million records will help you preserve the memory of your ancestors who risked or gave their lives in America's bloodiest conflict.

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Ancestry UKI Collection - NEW
United Kingdom and Ireland Collection which includes: over 50 million names from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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Over 1.3 billion records!

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